Thursday, January 13, 2011

Indoor Sky Diving

Ok, so throwing yourself out of a plane is hard. If you're not up for that (yet), consider indoor sky diving at iFly. You don't get the stomach-lurching first drop, or the gentle parachute sailing, or the nerve-wracking plane ride, or the skidding landing, but you do get the part where you're hurtling down at 120 mph... at least, in a relativistically equivalent sense.  You are a mere change of reference frame away, since it is the wind, and not you, that is going at 120 mph.  You are held up on a roaring but quite comfy cushion of air, which is extremely responsive to the slightest changes of posture.  By moving this arm then that, you can spin around and straighten out, soar high up or sink down, or flip around to the consternation of the instructor.  It really is both quite fun, and quite similar to the sky diving free-fall — and also a bit longer.  If you've already gone sky diving, you can practice your maneuvers.  If you haven't, then you can prep yourself for the big day.

Web Site: iFly SF Bay —
When: Any time (discount during work hours)
Where: Union City
How Much: $50 to $55 for first time flyers.

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