Thursday, January 6, 2011

Get Mortified, so awkwardly wonderful

You know those painfully awkward poems, diaries, and stories you wrote in the tender middle- and high-school years?  The ones that were so earnest, so true, so meaningful then — and so cringe-worthy now?  We all have them, but it took the genius of Mortified to drag them, pouting and misunderstood, into our adult lives.

Mortified is a touring, rotating show of brave souls, reading their most embarrassing and endearing adolescent work in a hilarious catharsis.  This is a show you simply must see at least once in your life.  You will laugh so hard you'll cry, all the while thinking that it could have been you writing those words.  Since the lineup also changes with each tour, it's also a show you can come back to again and again and get just as much out of it each time.

Get there early — it will be packed.

When: Periodic; check website.
Where: Make-Out Room, 22nd and Mission, SF
How Much: $12 advanced, $15 door

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